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Hoopman is a registered trademark of Hoopman Machines BV.

Founded in 1911 as a local blacksmith in Aalten, in the Eastern Netherlands. Now, many years later, it has become an international player in the agricultural, infrastructure, industrial and horticultural sectors. A family business with an important goal: Developing innovative Hoopman and Holaras machinery that add value, for and with its customers and partners. Providing reliable solutions, quality products and specialist service is in the companyโ€™s DNA.

Hoopman Machines has over 40 years of experience in Seed Enhancement Technologies. In 2006 Hoopman was started as a dedicated seed enhancement equipment division, as for beforementioned seed technology needs, it always had developed its own equipment. This has resulted in a unique set of highly appreciated tools for disinfection, coating and drying of seeds.

During 2015 all Hoopman production facilities have been fully integrated in the > 20.000m2 modern/clean/safe/flexible Hoopman Machines manufacturing plant.

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Machines for agriculture, onionhandling, industry and biogas.

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