IP Protection of your seeds

This new technology gives you the possibility for visual and covert protection of your seeds. There are 2 kinds of technology available:  
The Datadot technology is a visual protection of your seeds. The small dots, with your specific text, can be put on your seeds by means of our special and dedicated equipment and protocols. The dots (<0.2mm) can be checked easily with a potable microscope.  
The Datatrace technology is a covert (non visible) protection of your seeds. This marker can also be put on the seeds by means of our dedicated coating equipment and protocols. The special coating can be read with a special reader to read out a generic code or your company specific code. The tracer/marker can even be picked up/read from left-over seed skin, various weeks after planting.

  • Better and tamperproof protection of your seeds of your seeds
  • Prevents counterfeiting, product diversion, false warranty claims etc
  • 100 % Proof of ownership
  • General Batch ID on seeds
  • Traceable in the soil
  • Forensic proof of origin
  • Confidense and relaibility
  • GMO Supportive (possibility to trace commodities with and without GMO)
  • Track & Trace-ability
  • Cross border control, trace your product in several regions, countries
  • Multilayer and Multiple key technology
  • Cost effective (available for valuable seeds as for bulk seeds)
Datadot Technology on pellets
DataTrace technology on seeds with reader